A truly wonderful show! I had been listening to the Klezmatics for a few weeks so I could get attuned to the music, and I was a bit worried. But WWG's music really made for something that I feel lucky to have seen. And the trumpet on St. James Infirmary was some of the best stuff I've heard in a long time (Frank London, I think). This is just the Arlo part:

01. Highway in the Wind
02. Oklahoma Hills
03. Gypsy Davy — Arlo comments that in the original they all get taken back to the castle and are hanged, but in WWG's the girl runs off with the guitar player.
04. When a Soldier Makes it Home
05. Patriot's Dream
06. If All the Doors Were Closed in Heaven
07. City of New Orleans
08. Saint James Infirmary
09. Cathy Ann
10. God Did (Joseph's song)
11. This Land is Your Land — interspersed with lessons learned from Joseph and other somewhat random thoughts
- Encores -
12. Take Off Your Shoes (The Land You Walk is Holy Ground)
13. ?"Lighting the Candles of Hannukkah" — Sorry, I don't remember the title, but this was the comment the Klezmatics made, If they had candles they'd be lighting them during this song.
14. My Peace, My Peace

My favorite Arlo line: "My dad came back from the war and was in a bar in Newark, NJ {measured pause} Yeah, feels pretty good to be out here, doesn't it?" I grew up in Jersey City, so that hit home.

This would be a great concert to have on CD. Both Arlo and the Klezmatics were improved by their presence together. Anybody know if Arlo is planning to release something with the Klezmatics in the next few months?

Looks like the next visit to NorCal is in April. I'm working on the details, but if you can make this concert it is highly recommended.
-- Mark

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