Boreal Ridge Ski Resort
Saturday, January 19th, 2002
near Donner Summit, California
All Photos © 2002 Ting and Randy Vogel

 Boreal Trail Map

Much to our surprise, we were up and out of the cabin by 9 am or so ... part of being with a group is to follow the leader, and Beno wanted to hit the slopes in a timely fashion.

So we drove back up out the lake basin and over to Boreal Ridge. After a quick trip through the rental line it was time to hit the slopes. Randy hooked up with Kim, as she was the first TKD person he noticed with skis (everyone else seemed to be snowboarding, including Ting).

Randy spent an hour or two riding the lifts Gunnar's and Claimjumper, then skiing back on the bunny slopes, getting warmed up and reawakening all those rusty skiing skills, then moved on to the intermediate slopes serviced by the Accelerator quad in front of the lodge. As you can see from the photos, it was *very* uncrowded at the resort; about the only place you could find a crowd was on the bunny slopes or wherever the more advanced classes were meeting.

A little after noon, a storm blew in and we decided it was time for lunch. Of course, the lodge was jam-packed with other sensible folks -- why ski when you can't see more than 10 or 20 feet? We met up with the other TKD folks at a table outside - at least it was under cover, and the L-shape of the lodge building did a good job of blocking the wind.

Ting had spent the morning taking a snowboarding lesson (it was her first time snowboarding). She was jonesing to hit the slopes after lunch so she could try out her new skills.

By the time we'd finished eating, the storm had blown through, so Kim and Randy headed back to the slopes, spending most of the rest of the afternoon zooming down the various runs that led off the top of the mountain.  Ting headed back to the bunny slopes.

Although there was still plenty of light left (and Boreal even runs night-skiing for the really enthusiastic skiiers), we had previously agreed to turned in at 4 pm, so we took one last run down the mountain and then turned in our equipment at the rental shop. The rest of the group was pretty much all waiting, and shortly thereafter, we were zooming back to our lodging at Incline Village.

Ting had spent the afternoon on the bunny slopes trying out her new snowboarding skills. She thought boarding was fun, but she had not quite gotten the part about stopping, so she had some pretty spectacular wipeouts. She managed to torque her knee on one of them doing a twist while falling so as to get into position to get up (always the efficient one!) and her board got stuck half-way, so she had to limp her way around (at least she got hurt towards the end of the day).

Only when we had all returned did it become apparent how packed the condo was...we quickly ran out of hot water, and cold-to-lukewarm showers were the norm. A bunch of folks gathered round the TV to watch the Patriots steal the playoff game from the Raiders on a bad call in the last few minutes; that fiasco was followed up by J-Lo in the utterly unbelievable 'Anaconda'.

During this time, other folks played cards -- a fun Mensa game called 'Set' that Kim had brought -- while a whole crew slaved away in the kitchen, cooking up several cauldrons of spaghetti and sauce, followed by birthday cake to celebrate Jason's 20th birthday.

We turned in soon afterwards, as we were both pretty beat from the day's fun, but we could tell that some folks were still having fun several hours later, as the laughter and stomping around would rouse us from our slumbers for a moment or two.


 Nice Sun Dog
 Empty Slopes!
 Comin' Through!
 Joanna & Ting at Lunch
 Storm Blowing Past
 Looking Out the Back Side
 Looking Out the Front