National Acrobats of Taiwan
Friday, January 18th, 2002
Zellerbach Hall
Berkeley, California
All Photos © 2002 Ting and Randy Vogel

 Pole Jugglers
 Playing Hacky-Pole
 Flat Forehead Required
 Passing the Pole

Friday night's relaxing event was an evening with the National Acrobats of Taiwan, Republic of China. Joining us for the evening were Sandy and Stella, together with Sandy's daughter, and her boyfriend.

The Acrobats put on a fine show, with all the usual acts you might expect to see from a chinese circus.  This includes impossible contortions, a pyramid of people riding a bicycle (which might just be a  "carpool" in China), juggling chairs and tables, amazing balancing acts, martial arts forms, diving and rolling over each other, building chair skyscrapers (or rather "ceilingscrapers") then doing handstands on them, and bending swords with one's adam's apple - all the normal stuff you might do if you get too bored at home :-). Randy recorded 15 seconds of the Diavolo Girls and caught them dropping a plate. Check it out by clicking on the Diavolo Movie thumbnail!

Afterwards, we grabbed a bite to eat at Blondie's before driving up to Lake Tahoe to join the rest of the Cal TKD club for the annual TKD Ski Trip and a weekend of fun on the slopes!

We stopped off in North Berkeley to pick up Steve, then zoomed off up Highway 80. Even though it was pretty late at night, traffic was thick until we got to Sacramento. Fortunately, we were able to pick up the pace once we passed that metropolis, and the 528 lapped up the miles like a hungry tiger drinking milk.

Getting into Donner Pass, the outside temperature dropped to 9 degrees.  Brrrrrr!  We finally arrived at the cabin at Incline Village (Nevada) close to 2AM. Almost everyone was asleep, but someone pointed us to the lone bed that Beno saved for us. Beno told me that all drivers will get beds, but I was amazed that he was able to keep people off the bed even though we were the last ones to arrive. Stepping over the snoozing bodies surrounding the bed, we collapsed into thankful slumber.


 Bending Rebar
 Nice Pecs!
 Oooh, that looks painful!
 Bicycle Commuters
 Jump Onboard Everybody!
 Bicycle Peacock
 Urn Juggling
 Spinning end-over-end
 Table Juggling
 Ready to Spin Sideways
 Around it Goes
 Backwards Now
 Umbrella Juggling
 Diavolo Movie
 Setting the Tower Base
 First Handstand
 Adding chair #4
 Adding chair #5
 Nice Splits!
 Adding chair #6
 Adding chair #7
 Split-level Handstand
 Diagonal Handstand
 Backwards Diagonal Handstand
 Getting things exactly perfect
 Adding chair #8
 Another split-level Handstand
 Can I get a hand?
 Deconstructing the Tower 
 the Magician!
 Just do as I show you!
 Here, let me fill your pockets with magic rice...
 Now say the magic words...
 And it's Popcorn!
 Flag Dancers
 Human Pyramid
 More Tumbling