Night Views
Wednesday, January 16th, 2002
Tumbleweed Parking Lot
Redwood City, California
All Photos © 2002 Ting and Randy Vogel

 Setting Moon across the Slough

Wednesday and back to work! Since Hankido doesn't start up until the end of the month, we've been getting in late to work, meaning that we work later too.

Today, Randy rode his bike over to Stanford and then back to Redwood City, despite the frigid winter weather. Got to stay in shape or else it will be mountains of pain when Hankido rolls begin again!

While waiting for Ting to come out from her office, I busied myself with taking pictures of the night sky. Without a tripod, it's pretty difficult to get anything good...The images shown here are about a fourth of what I shot...the others being hopelessly dark, or blurry, or both! The three moon closeups were done with automatic exposure control, programmed exposure at 1/30 sec, and fully manual exposure at 1/60 sec. You can see a little of the crater-detail beginning to show in the last image, but with such a tiny lens on the C-700, it's hard to get good night shots of bright objects.

Can you see Orion in the next picture? I was tempted to enhance the brightness of the stars in Photoshop, but ultimately decided it wasn't worth the trouble.

The last two shots are closeups of lights in the parking lot... whoop-shoop dee do. Good thing digital film is free!

 Shorter exposure
 Even shorter!!
 Orion over the building
 Security Lamp
 Street Lamp