A Day Off From Partying
Sunday, January 13th, 2002
West Palm Beach, Florida
All Photos © 2002 Ting and Randy Vogel

 Ting at the Hardware Store
 Signed by Stevie Ray Vaughn

As occured yesterday, we had a slow start today, sleeping in and then lazing about until late in the afternoon. We called around to try and find some dinner partners, but as most of the other traveling monkeys had checked out by the time we woke up (there is something to be said for planning ahead), we decided to head over to the mall and catch Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius at the cineplex.

When we left the hotel, we thought that we had plenty of time for dinner before the movie, but we didn't count on a 45-minute wait at all of the restaurants within walking distance of the theater. Ouch! Fortunately, there were plenty of free tables at Ghiradelli's Ice Cream Shoppe, so we started off our meal with dessert!

As that still left us with a good half-hour or so before showtime, we then wandered about window-shopping and people-watching. It was really surprising how many folks were out and about, especially considering that, by this time, most of the shops in the mall had closed up for the night.

Wandering back over to the theatre, we entered to find it decorated in the most hideous baroque-revival one could imagine outside of Las Vegas. Truly tacky, with plenty of fake everything to present a veneer of lush finery. Happily, the sound & projection in the theater were top notch, and the movie? Well, it was entertaining, and we'll probably catch the next installment when the series continues.

After the movie we walked over to the Cheesecake Factory for a late dinner on the patio - sure was nice to be eating outside after 11 pm in our short sleeves!


 Inside the Muvico Parisien 20
 Painted Ceiling
 Wall Art
 More Wall Art
 Mmmmn, Snack Time!
 Ting enjoying her solitude
 Mural inside our theater
 Ting with giant pork chop
 Randy's big salad