The 2nd Annual Monkey Masquerade
Saturday, January 12th, 2002
@ Respectable Street
West Palm Beach, Florida
All Photos © 2002 Ting and Randy Vogel

 Lee, Ting and Dave, before Dinner
 Lee & Dave, waiting for soup
 Ting & Randy, hungry

Given last night's festivities, it was surprising that we were up before dark today, but the evidence at right shows us squinting into the late afternoon sun outside our dinner destination, Thai Paradise.

Lee and Dave joined us for dinner. We came here last year with Penny and Lee and it was good enough to go back again. The locale was a bit cheesy (inside a strip mall), but the food was authentic and scrumptious. Lee was especially psyched because he could eat, socialize, AND watch the Wildcard Football Playoffs between the Oakland Raiders and the NY Jets (Raiders ended up beating the Jets 38-24).

Following a leisurely meal (with lots of interruptions by Lee cheering and us trying to turn around in time to see the replay), we went back to the Marriott and spent a while hanging out and relaxing before tonight's Masquerade Ball.

After a bit of pre-show partying, we drove over to the venue with Shawn & Dottie. We first met Shawn on the Europe Rads tour and met up with him at the Ed show, where we met Dottie and found out that they were in the room right next to ours! We went over in Dottie's brand new and very festive silver VW Bug decorated with bright day-glow hippie-dippie flowers. If we had thought about it, we would've taken a picture of it!  Ah well!

We arrived early at Respectable Street to hang out and socialize in costume. There were a lot of great outfits...we  regret that we didn't make more of an effort to photograph folks in all their festive finery, but it's hard to catch everything!

Eventually it was showtime and as the band took the stage, Ed was wearing a really splendid hand-decorated white suit and had an especially impish grin...he turned away from the crowd for a moment, then turned back to face us wearing a great monkey mask. Yeah! Extra points for participatory spirit!! Ed was the only one that monkeyed with a costume, however. Even Dave didn't have a hint of a tail for the ball! Ah well! We love the outfit and the mask, Ed!

With most all of the previous night's technical troubles properly ironed out, tonight's show was one huge coaster ride, with lots of fun alterations to the song lyrics in accordance with the monkeyin' theme of the party.

Here's the full setlist:

- Set One -
  • (Introduction of the new Monkey Krewe Court)
  • Monkey Meet 
  • Tipitina 
  • Welcome to the Monkey House 
  • Are You Ready for the Monkey Time?
  • ? One Monkey Don't Stop No Show
  • Raindancer -> 

  • Sugaree -> 
  • How Far to the Horizon?

  •     Dave: "Tamest bunch of monkeys I ever saw. Aww, it takes me saying something for you to go 'Ooh-ooh-ooh.' You should be just doing that, naturally. Act like him, only worse!"
  • She's 19 Years Old
  • Domino -> 

  • Pay Some Dues -> Everybody's Got Something to Hide, Except for Me & My Monkey -> 
    Linin' Track -> 
    Stand on the Rock Where Moses Stood -> Domino
  • I Don't Speak Love
  • All Meat ->
  • Brokedown Engine
  • Too Much Monkey Business
  • Show Me the Monkey ->
  • Little Sadie

  • - Set Two -

  • Magic Bus 

  • (w/Chainsaw teases)
  • Hesitation Blues
  • Fools Go First

  •     Dave: "Yeah, Ignorance is Bliss, I Know"
  • Mon(k)ey ->
  • Caledonia Calling
  • Death of the Blues
  • Junker's Blues -> Cakewalk into Town
  • City of Refuge ->
  • Nail Your Heart

  • - Encore -
  • Got My Mojo (Monkey) Workin'
  • You Can't Always Get What You Want ->
  • Screw Loose
All told it was a solid three hours of music, and a rockin' good time was had by all.

 A Ducat
 Tonight's Killer Poster
 Jill, Jen & Eric
 Brian & Ronnie
 Ting Shows Bill her Monkey 
 Dottie & Shawn
 Randy, Terressa & Bill
 In our Nook!
 Dave flashes a nipple
 Laura, Ronnie & Gayla
 Laura, Ronnie, Ting, Gayla, Rhonda & Kathleen
 Waitin' on Dem Boyz
 What is that hat?
 More Crowd
 Ed's a Crowd-pleaser!
 Frank gets down to business
 Reggie drops into the pocket
 Ed surveying the crowd
 Dave & Reggie
 Welcome to the Monkey House!
 the Look!
 Penny enjoying the Lights
 How Far to the Horizon?
 Dave & Reggie
 No Smile!?!?!
 Ahhh, much better!
 Jill, Jen & Eric
 All Meat
 Coupla Monkeys!
 Thanks Bruce!
 Wait, there's bubbles!
 Magic bass
 Reggie in Red
 Whassup, Doc?
 Ed in Aquamarine
 Deeeeeeep Blue
 I Want it, I Want it, I Want it...
 Hesitation Blues
 a Fine-lookin' Crowd
 How Long Must I Wait?
 Can I Get You Now?
 There's a Good'un
 Here comes Dave!
 In the Zone
 Which one's Zeke?
 Thank you, sir!
 Fools Go First
 Caledonia Calling
 Death of the Blues
 Royalty enjoying the show
 Ed takes a breather
 Got my Monkey Workin'
 Frankie Time!
 You Can't Always Get What You Want
 Whose nails are those?
 Dematrixing space and time
 Working that screw loose
 Keep on workin' now
 Kenny, post show
 One mo' set, one mo' set!
 Ting with a new 'doo