The Monkey Krewe Presents:
The Radiators
Friday, January 11th, 2002
@ Respectable Street
West Palm Beach, Florida
All Photos © 2002 Ting and Randy Vogel

 Entry Pass
 Pastel Ed
 Dave in the Dark

After a leisurely day hanging around the Marriot with a bunch of other monkeys, we finally got things together around dinner time and lit out for downtown West Palm Beach with Shawn & Dottie. It was a surprisingly quiet night on Clematis Street -- hardly any folks were out and about. After a quick survey of the restaurant choices, we settled an inside table at the Tree of Life European Bistro. The service was good, the food was great, and the company was excellent...all in all a fine meal!

And then it was time to amble on back up Clematis to Respectable Street for the night's bit of radiation. It was relatively uncrowded when we came in at 9:30 or so, and we spent the next half hour socializing with other monkeys who'd made the trip for the weekend.

The stage lighting in Respectable Street consists mainly of a bunch of fixed lights, most of which had been re-aimed so as not to blind the musicians, so the ambient lighting was pretty poor -- plenty enough to see, but not enough for good photos without using the flash. As you can see, the result is that there are lots of shots of questionable quality that have been morphed artistically one way or another. If you can't make wine, then you oughta make vinegar from those sour grapes...

The show was pretty stellar, as the Radiators lived up to their name and poured it out on us. Here's the setlist:

- 1st Set -
Birdland, Last Getaway, Kamikaze, Life on Mars -> Crazy Mama, Poison, Rebel Rebel, Crazy Mona, Wrong Road, Diamond Joe, Last Fair Deal, Papaya 

- 2nd Set - 
Barnburner, Slippin' and Slidin'-> Long Hard Journey Home, She's Not There, Blue Monkey -> Holiday,
Soul of the World, Murder in My Heart -> It's Your Thing, Part Till the Monkey Runs Out, The Mighty Quinn -> Blind Crippled and Crazy 

- Encores -
The Twist, Dead Flowers, Rosie

Things took awhile to settle down after the show ended - as Kenny announced, "Ain't no hurry, the bar is open til 4 am y'all!" 

Eventually we made our way back to the Courtyard where we found ourselves hanging with a bunch of party-minded monkeys until the early morning light started peeking up on that eastern horizon. Ain't no business like monkey business!

Speaking of which, the local paper had a nice promo piece, It's all about the Monkey, about the weekend's festivities, no doubt due to the fine promotional efforts of Moses and Soulkeg.

 Where's Frank?
 Yeah Dave!
 Ed in the Octopus' Garden
 You Dere?
 Camile Rips
 Dave & Reggie
 Camile & Dave
 Dave in Gold
 Ed in Olive
 Reggie in Green
 Camile & Dave
 Lee with Ice-Chunk
 Red Dave
 Reggie's Ready
 Camile & Dave
 Rainbow Red Ed
 Ed in Blue
 Saint Zeke
 Burnin' Away
 Sing it!
 Bruce & Debra
 Monkeyin' Around
 Purple Dave
 Dag is Stingin'
 Reggie & Ed
 Dave & Ed
 View Across the Room
 View Under the Stairs
 Dave & Ed in Violet
 Dave & Ed
 Sumi-e Frank
 the Happy Drummer
 Frank's Still Smilin'
 Rockin' Dave
 Oh, my my!
 Rip it, Dag!
 Dave Heads Backstage
 Spinning Mirror Ball
 Ting, Shawn & Bill