In Our Room
Thursday, January 10th, 2002
@ Courtyard by Marriott
West Palm Beach, Florida
All Photos © 2002 Ting and Randy Vogel

 Basket O' Tabasco
 In Our Room

Our route took us from Oakland to Nashville for a plane change, so we had a chance to eat lunch at a deli in the terminal. One of the goofier sights was this basket of mini tabasco bottles. I suppose some folks might like tabasco on their sandwiches; I'll wait until it's time for eggses...

We arrived in West Palm Beach without incident, where the weather was nice and balmy . Good thing we packed light clothes! We drove a mile or so over to the Marriot and checked into a fine room on the fourth floor, featuring a sweeping view back to the airport...nothing like watching the planes come and go all night! Good thing we brought tapestries to cover the view!  :-)

Ting took a short rest while I decorated the room, setting out the traveling circus and hanging up our festive tapestries to cover the ugly color combinations (or rather the "non-combinations" as nothing matched in the room). Whoever decorated those rooms should be paddled hard. Striped curtains with a flower-patterned bed spread and a pineapple-patterned couch...ooooh! my eyes were hurtin till we turned down the lights. Ahhh! Now it looks and feels much more like home! 

 New Year's Dragon at the Work Desk
 Meditating Buddha
 More Decorations
 Mmmm, Good Crackers!
 View from the Hallway
 Ting on the Bedside
 Rand0m relaxing on the Couch