Korean Martial Arts Summer Camp:
Kwangju Banquet

Monday, July 2nd, 2001
Kwangju, Korea
All Photos © 2001 Ting Vogel (except where noted)

 Bus Ride to Banquet
 A Very Crowded Ride (©L.Liu)
 Everyone Look Here! (©R.Lee)
 Posing for the Camera (©R.Lee)
 Sitting in the Aisles (©R.Lee)
 Walking into the Banquet (©R.Lee)
 Clarence and Efren
 Efren with Chosun Taekwondo Team
 Table of Officials (©R.Lee)
 Dr. Ur and Vice-Chancellor Hwang (©R.Lee)
 The Toast
 Sparring at Dinner (©L.Liu)
 The Next Table (©R.Lee)
 Jeff and Kevin's Table (©R.Lee)
 Someone's Taking Our Picture Again
 Pei and Clarence with Chosun Guides
 Watermelon Grins
 A Chosun Team Member (©S.Walker)
 Julie and Lisa
 Lisa and James
 Group Shot

We had to fit the Chosun Guides and the Chosun Taekwondo Team into the bus with us, so there were at least twice as many people on the bus as there were seats. Even with people sitting on each other's laps, there were still a lot of people left sitting on the armrests and on the floor in the aisle of the bus. It was against every US safety regulation we can imagine - good thing we were in Korea and a really good thing that the bus driver was relatively mellow. It was a fun busride though. I was one of the "lucky" ones with a real seat cause I got on the bus early. Lucky is in quotes because people in seats get squished. I was fortunate I had tiny Taren on top of me instead of anyone bigger.

The banquet was typical Korean with lots of small appetizer dishes and dish after dish of various meats. Vegetarians would have a hard time in Korea. In between dishes, we were treated to various speeches from officials (mostly in Korean). After the meal, we posed for the mandatory group shot before we were picked up by our respective homestay family members. Ga Young was waiting for me and Sterling outside the restaurant.