Korean Martial Arts Summer Camp:
San Francisco to Seoul
 Saturday, June 30th to Sunday, July 1st, 2001
All Photos © 2001 Ting Vogel (except where noted)

 Departing for Korea
 Randy and Ting
 Rock Display
 Randy Checks Out Display
 Group Picture (©R.Lee)
 Dr. Ur
 Lisa's Tongue
 Nigel, Rob, and Efren (©L.Liu)
 Efren Smothers Himself
 Shot from Above (©L.Liu)
 Hankido Guys (©L.Liu)
 Kevin and Chuck (©R.Lee)
 Waiting to Board
 James Enjoys a Veggie Meal
 Kibambab Before
 Kibambab After
 Alex, Jeff, Kevin, Ting (©R.Lee)
 James and Ting Twirls Napkins (©R.Lee)
 James, Kevin, Steve
 James' Head Gets Squeezed
 Pei and Karolyn (©R.Lee)
 Rob and Lisa (©R.Lee)
 View from Plane (©R.Lee)
 Rob and Video are One
 Arriving in Seoul

I have been to Korea twice before for Martial Arts. Once was in 1998 and once again in 1999. Training in Korea is much more intense because we usually train in sports universities where students major in a sport (for example, you can get a Masters Degree in Taekwondo). Students in such a program would workout eight hours a day.

The flight was leaving at one pm. Randy (who was not going) took me to the airport in the morning, where we met up with the rest of the group. Most of the group were from UC Martial Arts, but there was a handful of people from other schools, including some from out of state. The group from UC Martial Arts was split about 50-50 between Hankido and Taekwondo.

It was a 12-hour flight. I got to sit next to James Gill who kept me very entertained throughout the flight. I think he was even better than me at twirling napkins. Notice that he could twirl two at once! Some people slept through the whole flight. Others (like me and James) were much too hyped to sleep. With so many people in the group, there was always someone to visit.

When we arrived in Seoul, members of "host" families met us at the airport. For this part of our trip, we were split up into groups of two or three, each group staying with a family from Chosun University. Sterling and I were grouped together and the girl from our host family, Jung Ga Young, took us to her house, where we had a late dinner of kimchee.