Boston Day 3: Boston Latin School Reunion Banquet
Saturday, May 12th, 2001
Sheraton Boston Hotel
Boston, MA
All Photos © 2001 Ting and Randy Vogel

 Over 21
 Neil & Ting
 BLS Class of 1981
 Group Shot
 Ting & Julie
 Paula & Chuck
 Neil & Halina
 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries
 Ting & Rosemarie
 Rosemarie, Ting, Harry, Chuck, Eddie, & Neil
 Stacey, Bonnie, Carol, and Donna
 Ting & Paula
 Randy & Ting

Tonight's banquet was the main event in the suite of reunion events! The Boston Latin School Reunion Banquet was held at the Boston Sheraton Hotel. We were carded when we went in and received an official "Over 21" stamp on our hands. Given the nature of the celebration, you would think they'd figure that everyone at that banquet has to be over 21, but it is nice to be "official."

I had planned to meet Chuck and Harry there, but really did not know who else might show up. As it turned out, a big part of the gang did show up, which was of course rather amazing given our high-school tendencies to reject any type of establishment  (which included social events by establishments). Neil showed up with his wife Halina. I had not seen Neil in ages (since high school in fact). I went out with Neil a little bit in high school, but, for whatever reason, it did not work out. Neil introduced me to Jethro Tull ('It's not a "he", it's a "they"!' -- Neil, 1981). Chuck was there with Paula, and Harry showed up much later. I have seen Chuck and Harry almost every time that I have gone back to Boston to visit. Chuck is married and now has three boys. Harry is "living in sin"
:-) and has a daughter. When we were in high school, I had a "thing" for Chuck. I decided later that the "thing" has something to do with the fact that he was good at physics. Physics had always fascinated me and I always ended up having "things" with physicists (Ok, ok, I only had "things" with two physicists but given that I tend to be pretty steady with boyfriends, that is a big percentage). I ended up marrying one (Yep! Randy majored in Physics!)!