Boston Day 3: Dim-Sum
Saturday, May 12th, 2001
Chau Chow City
Boston, MA
All Photos © 2001 Ting and Randy Vogel

 Harry Hood Button
 Shrimp Rice Rolls
 Pop & Mom
 Carrot Cakes
 Seafood Chow Mein

Eat! Eat!! Eat!!! That is the problem with the Chinese culture is that everything centers around food. It is a wonder that there are not more obese Chinese people in this world.  Having grown up in America but with one foot still firmly planted in the Chinese culture, it used to bug me when my parents' friends would compliment me by saying that I was "fat." Of course, what the actual implication is that I was healthy and that my parents were well-to-do and thus could feed me and not so much that I was chunky (which I was not, thank you very much). In Chinese culture, it was also good if you are deathly pale, because the implication again is that your parents were well-to-do and that you did not have to work in the fields (only peasants have tans). So if you are told you are "fat and pale", it's a compliment! Ah... no thank you!

Randy took a picture of the Harry Hood button because he was surprised to see it. Harry Hood is the name of a Phish song. From the stains on that button, I would say the button existed many years before Phish.