Boston Day 2: Reunion Welcome Reception
Friday, May 11th, 2001
The Museum of Science
Boston, MA
All Photos © 2001 Ting and Randy Vogel

 Flying Wheel Emblem on Archway
 Boston Traffic Jam
  An M&M Vending Machine!
 State Trooper Guards the M&M Vending Machine
 The "Duck Tour" Boat
 The Duck Walks Out of the Water
 Davinci Wing
 The Boston Skyline
 The Charles River
 The Cambridge Side of the Bank
 View of the Dock Below
 Cecilia & Ting
 Frank & Ting
 Ting & Bonnie
 Musician Serenades Subway Riders

The Reunion Welcome Reception was the first of the suite of reunion events. It was held at the Boston Museum of Science. We took the "T" from North Quincy on the Red Line to the Museum of Science on the Green Line. Outside the museum, we saw a "Duck Tour" Boat, which is a boat that have wheels to transform into a land vehicle, and thus the appropriateness of the name. Inside the museum, the ceiling sported an assortment of "flying machines." The Daedalus is a human-powered aircraft. We spent a little time checking out the exhibits before heading up to the reception.

The welcome reception included many classes, not just the Class of 1981. I only knew my classmates and barely! How they have changed! I guess people do get older. Cecilia remarked that I looked very different from high school. Hmmm... I think that is a good thing. In high school, I was the ultimate tomboy with my hair always in a ponytail and my overalls or army pants. I am pretty sure my classmates have never seen me with my hair down
. And I guess I am older now too, but at least not gray, wrinkly, or paunchy!

Cecilia was a cheerleader and the class "sex symbol." Now, in her business suit, she looked professional and mature. Frank was much skinnier in high school, but I think a bit of weight and a touch of gray adds a bit of sophistication to him. And Bonnie is still the happy person I remembered, even though I did not hang out with her too much in high school.

The background image is the Boston Latin School Logo, which showed Romulus and Remus suckling on a she-wolf. When they were born, they were placed in a basket and set afloat on the Tiber. The she-wolf found the twins and nursed them. Later, a shepherd found them and raised the twins. They went on to become
the mythical founders of Rome.

The Boston Latin School is the oldest public school in America. Founded in 1635, its roster of esteemed graduates include some of our founding fathers such as Benjamin Franklin, Samuel Adams, John Hancock, Cotton Mather, and  Robert Treat Paine among others. The school auditorium is ringed with the names of the famous graduates. To be admitted, one has to be one of the top scorers in the PSAT tests. Coming out of middle school, the biggest deal was trying to get into one of the three best public high schools in Boston: Boston Latin School, Boston Latin Academy, and Boston Technical High School. Boston Latin School used to be called "Boy's Latin School" and Boston Latin Academy used to be called "Girl's Latin School". They both went co-ed some time in the 1970's and changed their names. My brother and I went to Boston Latin School. My sister went to Boston Technical High School.