Thursday, March 22nd, 2001
Great American Music Hall
San Francisco, California
All Photos © 2001 Ting and Randy Vogel

 Bill at Dinner
 Bill's Healthy Glow
 Presenting the Radiators

Ting could not come to tonight's show  as she had UC Open meetings. The UC Open is the annual Taekwondo tournament that UCMAP (UC Martial Arts) hosts and the tournament is next week.

Bill Pelletier came up from San Jose to meet me at my mom's place in the Marina, and we headed over to Cafe Marima for a giant pitcher of Margaritas and a couple plates of fish tacos. After fueling up, it was on to tonight's show at the Great American Music Hall.

Like usual, the Rads were absolutely fantabulosic, charging hard out of the gate and mowing us down with each jam.

Here's the setlist:

- 1st Set -
Law of the Fish
Cocktail Music
Straight Eight
Smokin' Hole
Holy Ghost
Doctor, Doctor
0.44 Blues
Death of the Blues
Life on Mars
Little Sadie

- 2nd Set -
Creepin Vine ->
Hold back the Flood
Buy You a Chevrolet
Little Red Rooster
Hot Lube ->
Chainsaw Massacre ->
Cissy Strut

- Encore -
Love in Vain

 Reggie & Ed
 Chico Bill
 Raining Rads
 Fuzzy Dave
 Camile the Ghost
 Go Ed, Go!
 View from Stage Right
 View from the Taper Section
 Oh Boy!
 Another overexposed balcony shot
 Looking Down on Kenny at the Board
 Almost Focused!
 View from the Stage Right Balcony
 A Little Wider View
 Reggie & Ed
 Dave Slips into Another Dimension
 Reggie Rocks Out
 Camile Shreds!
 One Way Out?
 Post-show view
 Bill & Christiana Shaw
 Bridge-trouble ahead
 Just a stalled truck...