Thunderbird Park
February 5th, 2001
Phoenix, AZ
All Photos © 2001 Ting Vogel

Which Way to Phoenix?
Cotton Swirls of Clouds 
Attempt to Shield the Sun

Thunderbird Park is located in the north part of Phoenix. It was on our way to the airport, so it was a natural choice for a picnic spot. We reached the park just before sunset and drove right up to some picnic tables at a saddle between three hilltops, which was a blessing since we were both tired from a long weekend of hiking and having fun (having fun can be really tiring even if you are enjoying every moment of it)!

Dinner was simple: cheese and crackers with honey mustard, with water, sodas and beer -- the leftovers from our weekend food supply.

The sky was thinly overcast. The sun shining through the cloud cover gave them a wispy quality like cotton-candy swirls. At times, the sun seemed to be split by the thicker swabs of clouds. As it reached the horizon, the rays finally came through unhindered, throwing a golden glow over the awestruck world. Finally, the sun disappeared behind the distant mountains, with the final rays lingering on the edges as reluctant lovers bidding a farewell.

Sun Shines Through 
the Cotton Veil
Horizon Catches the Rays
of the Setting Sun
Deepening Color
A Cloud Splits the Sun
Randy Watches the Sunset 
Whole Again
The Sun Escapes the Grasp of Clouds
Randy Seems to be Having Fun!
The Sun Disappears Behind the Distant Mountains