Desert Sunset

February 3rd, 2001
@ Picacho Peak State Park, AZ

All Photos © 2001 Ting Vogel

Picacho Peak
The Setting Sun
Sunset Enhances a Bruised Sky
Reaching the Horizon
A Cactus Looks On

The hillside darkened quickly as the sun set on the horizon. Its golden rays enhanced the contrast of colors in the sky. The clouds formed a bruised ceiling above.

A silence enveloped the Peak as the world looked on in awe at the sun's last hurrah. Marching cacti stopped in their paths. Social gatherings took a break. Solitary cacti ceased their eternal pondering. It was as if the world held its breath for a moment to observe the grandest of God's creations.

The sun reached the horizon and quickly disappeared behind the distant mountains. The sky lit up in applause. Clouds that were bruised in purple now glinted pink with red edges. No artist's hand can ever capture completely the beauty of a desert sunset.

After we left the peak, we drove down to Tuscon and stopped at the El Minuto Cafe for dinner. (Sorry, no food pix this time!) We were on a mission to see Los Lobos at the Sells Rodeo Arena, but the directions from Yahoo maps turned out to be screwed up, omitting a 35 mile stretch of state highway. We stopped twice for directions before reaching Sells, but the Indian Reservation was deserted, and all we could find of the show was a dimly lit sign announcing the Rodeo...

The World Holds Its Breath
Silence Envelopes the Peak
Sun Reaches the Horizon
Almost Gone!
After Sunset
The Sky Concert is Not Over Yet!
A Multitude Awaits
As a Crowd awaiting the Finale
Lining the Hillside in Anticipation
A Vision of Colors Fills the Heavens!
 Never-Ending Beauty
Indescribable Splendor!
Clouds Edged in Pink
Cacti Wait Patiently
Golden Afterglow
Final Rays
The Applause Fades
Leaving Picacho Peak
Randy Puzzles Over Map
We Found the Rodeo Sign...