Hanging Out With Lee Bank
January 15th, 2001
@ South Beach, FL
All Photos © 2001 Ting Vogel

We made our noon checkout (barely!), and proceeded to get lost trying to find the airport Ramada in Fort Lauderdale.  The web gave us an exit number which did not exist!  Finally after looping around 3 times, we found it!  After dropping our stuff off, we continued on our way to Miami.  Fighting hunger pangs and grumpy stomaches, we stopped off at a Wendy's in a run-down seedy Miami neighborhood.   (Randy knows that it is more dangerous not to feed me!)  And isn't the ability to eat in seedy neighborhoods the reason I took up Martial Arts?  Hmmm?

We drove down to South Beach in our rented Toyota Camry.  Lee could not fit all of us in his Porsche 911.  Darn thing about sports cars, but the titanium blue color does look nice.  We stopped by the "Goddess" boutique run by Sandra, a friend of Lee's.  She is a beautiful Brazilian woman with a style that is wholly South Beach.  Lee invited her to dinner.  Just as we left the boutique, it started to pour, but the inpromptu storm only lasted five minutes.  Afterwards, we took a walk along the beach front promenade.

We had to head back to Lee's for a conference call  (Lee's in Sales).  The night view from his place was splendid.  The call took an hour.  Afterwards, we went back to pick up Sandra for dinner at an Indian place called Shiva that we passed earlier.  The waiter who had come out before in sweats to entice us to eat there is now dressed in a waitsuit with his hair slicked back.  The food was scrumptious!

Entering Miami
We passed by this ship on the way to Lee's
Bridge to Lee's island
Across the bridge is a guard shed.  They waved us in without asking.
View from Lee's second-floor apartment
Randy in front of Lee's music rack
Lee did not want me to take his picture before his shower, but the digital camera is not capable of scratch-and-sniff pictures yet - good thing! 
Here's Lee fresh out of the shower and ready to have his picture taken!
View from the Dock
Coconut Palm Tree in Lee's Backyard
 The ship's name is Ecstasy
Randy & Lee
 Ting & Randy
We passed by this splendid sandcastle in our walk.
The details were so intricate that you can almost hear the sound of a battle waging.
I tried in vain to find a maiden in distress looking out a castle window.  Guess it still needs some work.
A unicorn lies to one side, asleep, I would like to think, although death does throw a romantic veil over the scene in a gothic sort of way.
Night view of South Beach from Lee's
Lee & Sandra at Dinner
Lee & Sandra up Close
Randy & Ting at Dinner