January 14th, 2001
@ Thai Paradise, West Palm Beach, FL

All Photos © 2001 Ting Vogel
We picked up Lee & Penny from the Marriott.  We have seen Penny around Rads shows, but never really got to know her.   She is a lawyer from Colorado - works for the state.  She is very intriguing.  She tours Rads shows with her friend Jen.  Seeing Penny and Jen at shows, it struck me that they are two friends who simply love each other.  Jen is from New Orleans and despite the distance, Penny and Jen manages to hook up all the time for Rads shows.
We walked around West Palm Beach and through an outdoor mall blasting some type of classical music from hidden speakers.  The fountain dances in time with the music.  Lee's heart was set on Thai food, so we passed on mall food and hopped back into the car. 
The Thai Paradise was tugged into a well-hidden street and if it was not for Lee's amazing vision, we would not have spotted it.  In spite of the seeming cheesiness of a sushi bar on the same premises, the food was nevertheless delicious.